beef quesadilla


Ground beef seasoned with tuscan salt, pepper, and orange juice

Price: $16.75

Cheese melted in the tortilla and sliced into wedges

Price: $13.75

Chicken is cooked in our housemade sauce composed of tomatoes, chipotle, onions, garlic, and oregano, and is then shredded with some cream

Price: $16.75

Rock fish pan fried with soy sauce, garlic, lime juice and chipotle seasoning

Price: $16.75

Same as a regular quesadilla but smaller wedges

Price: $8.90

slow cooked in our housemade sauce (orange juice, lime juice, cumin, salt, habaneros, pepper, chile powder, garlic, anchiote, cinnamon, and oregano) and shredding to perfect pulled pork

Price: $16.75

Vegetarian filling is composed of potatos, onion, rajas, corn, and oregano

Price: $14.75